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Business Culture Training

Cross cultural differences can be one of the barriers in the communication, decision making and interpersonal relationships in a global environment.  We will share examples from different countries in Asia at a wide perspective issue such as cultural bias, meeting styles and internal information flow.

Personal Development Training

Personal development improves your quality of life through the development of skills to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. These personal development courses could include areas relating to languages, stress management, lifestyle interests.

Country Specific Training

With working with different culture teammates, or serving different culture targeted customers, we always know that ‘awareness’ of cultural differences is often not enough.  We need to know ‘knowledge’ and how to adapt to turn into your business opportunity and this is where country-specific cultural awareness training becomes essential.

Customized Learning Solutions

We will understand your needs and goals and carry out a training need analysis.  We will devise a training course that is custom made for you, with objectives, content and activities adapted to the real-life situation.

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